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Daily Calorie Intake


Daily Calorie Intake

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Daily Calorie Intake

The daily caloric needs of a person is defined as the amount of energy (Kcal) necessary to our body to maintain a healthy weight to ensure a general feeling of well being. Determine the real value of this energy quantity is very hard. However, there are many empirical formulas that allow you to estimate your daily intake in terms of Kcal especially for people with physical characteristics considered 'normal', without special physiological problems and normal health.
The daily caloric requirement is composed of several factors:

  • Basal Metabolism: the number of calories necessary to our body in conditions of total rest and awake to perform all its vital functions like breathing, digestion, heart activity, repair and construction of new tissues, nervous system activity, etc.. This value is very difficult to determine because it depends on a number of factors, both external such as temperature surrounding environment, both internal as body temperature, the mass musscolare, sex and more.
  • Caloric Intake work-related: is the amount of energy needed to play their work, and can also vary greatly when we consider very hard work as bricklaying, farm work and, in general, work requiring considerable physical exertion, or sedentary activities such as clerks, salesmen and so on.
  • Caloric Intake for sport activities: is the energy quantity to be supplied to our body to balance the energy expenditure due to sports such as running, tennis, soccer and is very dependent on the duration and intensity of these sports and, as well, on genetic factors since it is clear that an athlete who trains every day has got a body 'ready' to burn calories as opposed to a person who practices Sports sporadically.

Despite all the factors described above, the daily caloric intake of an individual can still be calculated, with obvious approximation, using empirical formulas defined after many years of study and testing. The calculator in this article uses these formulas, as well as some information on activities work, sport, and some of the most common physical characteristics like height, weight, age and sex to provide, in a few moments, the daily calorie needs.
It is very important pointing out that the result provided by this instrument is purely 'indicative', and it never can replace a full medical examination or clinical tests executed by expert personnel.


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